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CBU, Journal of Management and Economics (ISSN-1302-0064)
is a bi-annual, multi-disciplinary, refereed journal. Articles from a variety of social science disciplines like economics, business administration, international relations, political science and public administration have been published since 1995. As The Journal of Management and Economics intends to publish qualified scientific studies and contribute to the international literature in the social sciences. Journal of Management and Economics is a referred international journal published twice a year, June and December. Manuscripts in Turkish, English, German and French are welcomed.

 Guidelines for Submitting Articles

            · Manuscripts submitted to the journal will first be viewed by the Editorial Board then forwarded to the referees. In line with the evaluation of the referees, Editorial Board will make the final decision, either in favour or against publication, or return the manuscript back to the author for any revision required by the referees. Authors will be informed of the decision of the Editorial Board regarding publication in the shortest time possible. Manuscripts which are not published will not be returned back the authors.Article process and submission is free of charge.

            · The article should begin with an indented and italicised summary (abstract) of around 100 words, which should describe the main arguments and conclusions of the article. Abstract should be accompanied by up to 5 key words or phrases that characterise the content of the article.

            · References should be in text in parenthesis and give the author’s surname, year of publication and page number. Footnotes should be preferred for any explanation. The required format is Microsoft Word for Windows. (at least version 6.0) Text should be typed single-spaced, in Times New Roman, font size 11. (Font size for Resources is 9). The whole article should not exceed 20 pages and the margins for a page should be as follows: Top 3 cm, Bottom 8 cm, Left 4 cm, Right 4 cm.

            · Apart from the one on a computer disc, two hard copies of the manuscript should be submitted. In one copy, which will be sent for review, first page should not include name(s) of author(s) but just the title of article.


Prof. Dr. A. Kemal ÇELEBİ

Editor of Journal of Management and Economics
Celal Bayar University
The Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

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